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Adult Probation



In 1925, each county was authorized to create a department of probation in the common pleas court to provide jurisdiction over probationers and parolees in the county.

The Greene County Adult Probation Department has six specific missions:

1. Provide factual, non-biased information and professional recommendations to the court for sentencing determinations and other judgment actions; 2. Provide accurate, professional court documents to the judges for sentencing determinations and other judgment actions; 3. Provide for public and victim safety through active supervision of sentenced, adult, felony offenders placed on community control; 4. Provide assistance to crime victims due compensation by the monitoring of court-ordered restitution payments by offender placed under departmental supervision; 5. Provide monitoring of individuals progress in court-ordered treatment programs and overall rehabilitation of the offenders placed under departmental supervision; and provide the necessary services to the offender with the goal of reducing the probability of continued criminal behavior on the part of the offender; 6. Provide safe, meaningful community sanctions for appropriate sentenced, adult, felony offenders, in coordination with and support from local and state criminal justice officials, agencies, institution and local community-based support and treatment providers/agency